Eat to Live, They Say

Choice of food tells you a lot about a person, actually.



What comes out of a person’s mouth is just as important as what goes into it. This might sound weird to some, but it is actually true. A person’s choice of food really tells you a lot about him or her, primarily because one’s choice of food can tell us if that person is careful enough about health and other concerns related to food choices.

Food is important because it helps us to live and survive in everyday life. However, more important than merely survival is the consideration of quality of life – and here we find the issue of food choice. If one is capable of choosing food well, then that would reveal that that person is meticulous and smart. If one doesn’t really care about what food he eats, then that would show just how careless this person can get, even in issues beyond food. When in Romania, though, be sure to make the right food choices, and in this article you will find a great list of food to try in Romania.



Must-Try Food in Romania



One of the food which you must try in Romania is the Sarmale. These are basically Romanian stuffed cabbage rolls. By tradition, they are served on Christmas and New Year’s Eve, but sometimes they are also served throughout the year at weddings, baptism parties, and other large celebrations. It is made up of ground pork which is mixed with sauteed caramelized onions and rice stuffed in a cabbage leaf, pickled sauerkraut leaf or grape leaf. You can find the recipe of this popular dish on the internet and TV shows.




You may also want to try the Lamb borsch. “Borş”( read “borsh”) is actually the Romanian word for a natural sour juice. This juice is made of fermented wheat bran, maize flour and water. Romanian “borș” soup recipes can include various kinds of vegetables and any kind of meat, including fish.

Indeed, if your concern is a better quality of life, you may want to begin by eating and consuming better food. When you find yourself in Romania, be sure to eat the best, only from the best. If the food experience in Romania is something you’d like to blog about, go ahead. Just make sure you know how to get website traffic whic is a good idea for your blog. Also, ‘how to purchase traffic for my website’ may well be another concern for you if you can’t get enough organic visitors naturally.  It will indeed make your blog look active and trending.


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