Why Visit A New Country?

What’s so special about travelling abroad?



When planning a family vacation, there might be the temptation to simply stay home and relax. There might be that one family member who dismisses any idea of going abroad as elitist and pointless, convincing you that you really should not go very far and enjoy the comforts of home, instead. While this may seem to be a valid argument, there is also much value in visiting a new place, a new country to be more precise.

Why? Here is a strong reason for travelling abroad: it allows you to see a side of the world that you have otherwise never seen before, and which you might never have to see again. Seeing a new side of the world allows you to widen your perspective and your horizon, allowing you also to be more embracing of people whose opinions and beliefs differ from yours. At the end of the day, if you do intend to visit a new country, Romania may very well be one of the best ones to see.

The Sights to See in Romania



First, you’ll want to see Saschiz in Romania. Saschiz is a Saxon founded village, a sight which you just cannot miss, especially with the place’s beautiful houses. It is also a UNESCO heritage site, because the village gives you a picture of a place that has managed to mix faith and military skills, especially because of Saxon influence. Thus, you are also bound to see majestic churches in Saschiz, which will also lead you to gardens that are just as beautiful as the Churches themselves.



A second place to visit in Romania is Iasi. Iasi is the largest city in Eastern Romania, and, although overshadowed by the more popular destinations, also boasts of a lot of wonderful sights to behold. In Iasi you can expect to see impressive monuments, churches, and a huge number of iconic parks. Moreover, Iasi also boasts of a tempting cuisine, which makes the city a go-to place for foodies.

At the end of the day, whether you’re into sightseeing or eating or both, you can definitely find yourself more than satisfied with Romania. Remember to get those AliExpress coupon and promo codes ready for your travel needs. Also, if you intend to blog about your experience, remember to always note how to get a million visitors to your website.


  1. Michael Dee says:

    Too bad. I lost my passport. Can’t wait to travel there!

  2. Robert says:

    where can I get a tour guide?

  3. Irene Peters says:

    Oh my! I need to tell my friends about this. the place is just perfect!

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