Your Favorite Horror Story: The Story of Dracula

Romania probably reminds you of Dracula, doesn’t it?



As a child, you probably remember being scared of Dracula. You remember the guy – tall, with a black cape, with those two fangs, ready to suck the life out of you, or out of Lucy, at the very least. Yes, you owe your sleepless nights to this vampire of a man, but now that you’re old enough, you probably remember him with fondness and almost comical melancholy. The inspiration for the character of Dracula in the Bram Stoker novel is actually from Prince Vlad the Impaler, who used to be a ruler in Transylvania, Romania.

It may also be a great idea, for the sake of your childhood and whatever you may remember from it, to go visit Transylvania. Thus, if you think you’re ready to buy new outfits for your trip abroad, using your voucher code for Lazada Philippines, of course, then you may want to read up on just what Transylvania has in store for you.


Transylvania: More Than Dracula


There are so many wonderful things about Transylvania. One of these would be its many mountain resorts. In these mountain resorts you can avail of a wide variety of exciting experiences, such as skiing and climbing. You can be sure that your memories of these mountains will be more than their appearance.

Also, in Transylvania you can breathe in its countless landscapes, most of which you have probably never seen in your own context and country. You can see castles, churches with medieval architecture, and even sky slopes and caves. These picturesque scenes will truly give you a mental image of Transylvania which will last even longer than your childhood memories of Count Dracula.




Upon visiting Transylvania, you’ll also be amazed at how their people have managed to preserve their culture. The warmth and generosity of the people there will be more than enough to convince you to stop being scared of everything that the city used to represent. Really, there’s more than meets the eye, or what comes to mind, for that matter.

So put off your Hong Kong trip for another day (as well as that Klook promo code Disneyland, Hong Kong). Transylvania, Romania, is the place to be.

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  1. Damon says:

    Dracula made Transylvania very popular. Even the modern story of Dracula in Hotel Transylvania still connotes the country with this very old urban legend.

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